Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Huntsville's Songwriters' Round

It was a full house at Emma’s Tea Room for the Songwriters’ Round, an evening of intimate listening, and an event we host nearly every Friday night.

Emma’s Tea Room started hosting the Nashville style format of Songwriter Rounds in December of 2012. A round consists of three artists performing a few of their songs mixed with a little bit of storytelling.

The Songwriters’ Round at Emma’s Tea Room is different from most because we have set it up as a listening venue. We are trying to discourage a “come and go” atmosphere and instead desire an intimate evening listening to the artists while you have dinner.

This past Friday’s round included artists that came from Nashville as well as our local artists. The evening started off with featured artist, Sabrina. She did two sets for us while also doing a little storytelling about her songs. She is a well-traveled artist, growing up in South Carolina and traveling through Europe. Sabrina has collected many experiences to put into song.

The first song she shared with us was written to acknowledge the angels watching over her. One evening when she was traveling home she had realized she had been asleep at the wheel.

Another song, and her self-proclaimed quasi-jazz song, chronicled her visit to Paris. The story tells of a girl mending a broken heart in the city of light.

The next set was a trio of good-hearted men who are filled with love and compassion - Skip Cochran, singer/songwriter and on guitar, Greg Mitchell, singer/songwriter, and Ron Hackett on guitar. The audience enjoyed five songs from the trio. While they were quite the comedic threesome, they were also great storytellers and songwriters.

Skip Cochran’s rough and gruff exterior was quickly dispelled with his song about his son. Skip told the tender story of his son coming of age, and getting that far-off look on his face. Skip wanted to write a song for him to take with him on his journey into manhood.

Everyone was able to relate to Greg Mitchell’s vivid imagery in his song about dirt roads, telling the story of a man, his memories, and the love of Tennessee.

A variety of genres and ages were represented at the Huntsville Songwriters’ Round. The last set was reserved for Bonner Black, Emma Klein, and Randy Lee.

Randy Lee started the set off with a love song about his children. Throughout the rest of the set he entertained the audience with childhood memories of bicycles, brothers, and sons. His little ditty about meeting his wife, who happens to be a Human Resource manager, was also cute and lively.

Bonner Black, from Nashville, was a trooper. She came in and sang anyway even with her attack of allergies. The audience was grateful and Bonner was very gracious and sounded fantastic, allergies and all. Bonner lives the songwriter’s life singing and writing full time while residing in Nashville.

Emma Klein, one of the singer/songwriters in the final set is only 14-years old. But don’t let her age fool you. She knows a little something about writing songs and living life. Her vocals are unique and as rich as a seasoned songbird. This observant and articulate girl can create moving and passionate music, despite her youth.

On the menu for the evening was:

Vegetable Salad with Feta and Muffin
Half Chicken Salad Sandwich and Cup of Soup
Turkey/Bacon/Swiss/Tomato Panini with Chips
Ham and Cheddar Quiche with Soup, Chips, or Fresh Fruit
Chicken Frit Salad served on Greens with Fresh Fruit

Hot Beverage choices:
Tuscany Pear Rooibos Tea
Assam Black Tea
Paridisio Peach Herbal Tea
Strawberry Green Tea

And for Dessert:
Apple Pie Trifle with ice cream
Brownie trifle with ice cream and strawberries
Lemon Cake with Whipped Cream and Strawberries

Visit us next time for the Huntsville Songwriters’ Round at Emma’s Tea Room. We ask that you make a reservation, as seating is limited. Please be in the door by 5:45. The show starts promptly at 6:00.

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